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Francesco Carvelli
Creative Strategist

Co-creating your social impact

Socially-conscious leaders engage their audience with a genuine narrative. They anchor their stories at the root of their core values.

Why are you creating your project?
Interview with Jeannette Meier, PiMOV
Visual Storytelling
1-on-1 co-working | 1-3 hours
Bespoke sessions delivered weekly in 4 or 12 weeks bundles
Value Alignment
Workshop | 4 hours, 3-8 people
Focus group session aimed at understanding you, your service and the people you serve
Customer Journey
Workshop | 4 hours, 3-8 people
Focus group session. Tools: Personas, Empathy Map, Prototyping
1-on-1 co-working | 1-3 hours
Bespoke sessions delivered weekly in 4 or 12 weeks bundles
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We are building together a better world

My name is Francesco and I am a creative strategist working side by side with individuals, groups and organisations; primarily those seeking to make an impact in our world.

In my experience, alongside change-makers and leaders, I understand the ups and downs of the process of completing meaningful projects. Challenges and pitfalls are hidden at every corner and I have great admiration for the risk-takers on a quest for cultural, environmental and societal improvement.

Today I understand that great ideas must be supported by solid structures to make them possible; to guarantee project success and sustainability strategies and actions need to co-exist.

Creative Strategies for Socially-Conscious Change-Makers
We are doing our best to make a real difference

In my day to day practice, I see that regardless of the stage you are at, you’ll get exceptional benefits on developing quiet, clarity and inner strength.

  • Quiet from the noise of your everyday routine
  • Clarity to see from a distance the direction of your project
  • Inner strength to acquire the skills and abilities to focus on what matters the most

When we co-create we pin down the start and endpoint of your plan and we concentrate on its deliveries. We look at the resources you need. We review the key aspect of your current position. To be ahead of your vision, we set targets, realistic and achievable goals. We rely on a timely calendar. We work on your mission, your values, and your culture.

We do this and more, together.

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Francesco Carvelli
Creative Strategist
Co-creating your social impact
Workshop: Customer Journey. How to create engaging stories?

My talents, strengths and education

Project Management, Charity Governance
Arts Event, Festival, Campaign
Audiovisuals, Film, Media
Semiotics, Ethnography, Sociology (MSc)
Empathy, Listening, Lateral Thinking
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Creative Strategies for Socially-Conscious Change-Makers

Co-Creation: Let’s start off on the right foot!

To make the most of our collaboration we agree to follow these 3 simple rules:

1. We are equal, different, imperfect
2. Our equality is sustained over time by reinforcing the values we share
3. Our cooperation is based on Mutual Advantage, Loyalty, Trust, Rights, Reciprocity, Evolution, Respect, Fairness

Co-Creation: Operating principles

To have an ethical approach is at the core of the services I provide. That starts by treating clients fairly and being extra-selective about the organisations and the people I work with.

I do NOT work for sweatshops, arms, oil, mining, banking and shady business. Instead, I do work WITH charities, social enterprises, organisations, and committed individuals that challenge these.

Co-Creation vs. Coaching

During the course of our co-working sessions, we work together towards a plan of action and we focus mainly on your project’s goals. We target specific issues with potential follow-ups. This means that instead of acting as a coach, mentor, or tutor, I act as your co-worker, rooting our relationship in the equality of our connection. The value of this approach relies on its effectiveness to achieve immediate, tangible goals.

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1-on-1 | 30 min video call
Take advantage of a FREE 1-on-1 consultation
  • Core Values
  • Project Breakthrough
  • Target Audience
  • Audiovisual Storytelling
FREE Session | 30min
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Francesco Carvelli, Creative Strategist

Francesco is a creative strategist with 30 years of experience in the arts & media industry. Starting up as a photographer and videographer when he was just a teenager he has spent the last five years working for the Charitable Incorporated Organisation MILKandLEAD Art Gallery as its managing director.

Proficient in management, administration, creative productions, marketing and branding, charity governance, art gallery, festivals, art events coordination, photography, film production, video editing, he is intuitive and empathetic with great social skills and cultural sensitivity, promoter of inclusion and diversity.

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Creative Strategies for Socially-Conscious Change-Makers


I found Francesco to be most helpful in supporting me to sort out my direction with my social impact project. He asked thought-provoking questions that opened up a world of insight to me that eventually got me on track; all the while being sensitive to and perceptive of my specialized needs of working to assist people in poverty to be able to receive long term psychotherapy. He applied his knowledge to fit with an area of work (psychotherapy) with which he was not familiar, and he introduced new concepts that provided a business framework. This was outside my comfort zone. I gained insight into who could be possible funders. We worked out a direction for advertising to create funds. He was consistent and thoughtful in his approach, which was encouraging to me. He helped me to feel supported and enlightened on the journey of finding my way. I cannot thank him enough for all of his helpfulness!
Marsaye Treen

Francesco is an incredibly generous and resourceful human being. Full of life and creative ideas, I always have new things to think about that expand my mind after meeting with him. Francesco has a superpower of deep listening and fully seeing you, without you needing to say too many words. He tops that off with thinking along with you on the impact you want to make in this world, which grounds your creativity in some structure and really helps your projects (and confidence) come alive! I’m deeply excited for his clients and everyone who gets the chance of having such a kind and bright guide, counsellor and friend in your life! It’s a real privilege I hope you get the chance to experience too!
Mabel Vonk

Leadership and Team Coach for Social Impact Leaders and Companies
I've been getting to know Francesco over a series of group video calls where the only thing that matters is to be truly who you are. Ever since I started this journey I've been impressed by Francesco's clarity of mind. He has a vision and knows how to communicate it. And not only that, he does it from his heart, quite a rare refreshing quality these days… I found his advice so helpful and enlightening!! Like opening a door to a world I knew existed but I'd never dare enter... Now I've stepped in. Just. But all thanks to him. I look forward to the journey.
Anna Amado

Charity Founder, Indian Futures