Exploring the Intersection

I began my journey in photography and videography very early on, using these tools to rediscover my identity after the traumatic loss of my father. I soon became deeply fascinated by the intriguing field of cultural anthropology, immersed in reading my father’s books about southern Italy’s magic and the myriad rituals and cultural and linguistic nuances that define the unique region in which I grew up.

Since then, I have sought to capture the essence of these diverse cultures through visual storytelling and to reshape our perceptions of them. Throughout my artistic exploration, I have dedicated myself to the art of creating and sharing stories that reveal the complexity of human behaviour and perception, always rooted in a deep understanding of ethnography.

Guided by a strong and sensitive passion, my journey has led me to engage in cultural experiences and curate thought-provoking exhibitions and events. This diverse, complex and humane journey has provided me with valuable insights that allow me to contribute to the intricate system of contextual meanings that shape our world.

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Francesco Carvelli (b. 1974) is a London-based artist with a diverse creative portfolio encompassing documentary photography, audiovisual storytelling, video production, archival curation, and event curation, including festivals.

Carvelli’s recent artistic exploration delves into the transmission of matrilineal information within Basilicata’s Marmo Platano region. Through the medium of audio installations and photography, he uncovers the intricate concept of motherhood within the intimate spaces of bedrooms.

Carvelli’s academic background includes an MSc in Sociology from the University of Naples Federico II, specialising in Visual Anthropology and Sociology of Arts and Literature. His extensive experience extends to coordinating the International Film Festival PIFF and collaborating with distinguished figures in the global film industry. Notably, he served as the Managing Director of London’s MILKandLEAD art gallery from 2015 to 2018.

Currently, Carvelli works as a Social Impact Consultant and Creative Director at The Garden of Values agency in London, where he passionately pursues positive societal change.

2023-24 | Solo Exhibition: Motherhood of Marmo Platano, ITA-DE-UK [Visual Artist]
2020-24 | Social Impact Agency: The Garden of Values, London, UK [Consultant]
2018-20 | Marketing Agency: MUDITA Agency, ESP-ITA-UK [Consultant]
2018 | Triennial Art Exhibition: DELIQUIUM II, London, UK [Event Coordinator]
2017 | Documentary Film: Tom Donald: Mastering Improvisation, UK [Director]
2016-20 | Media Contents: Dennis Publishing, London, UK [Video Editor]
2016 | Documentary Film: Hotel Splendid, UK [Postproduction Supervisor]
2015 | Triennial Art Exhibition: DELIQUIUM I, London, UK [Event Coordinator]
2014-18 | Art Gallery: MILKandLEAD Art Gallery, London, UK [Managing Director]
2014 | Documentary: Tales from the Train Station, ITA [Director]
2012 | Exhibition: Videopoetry, The Others, London, UK [Visual Artist]
2012 | Documentary Film: Road to Westminster, UK [Video Editor]
2012 | Exhibition: Indie Vibe, The Vibe Gallery, London, UK [Visual Artist]
2012 | Short Film: Tantric Xantic, UK [Director]
2011 | Short Film: Headless Angel, UK [Director]
2011 | Documentary Film: Image Matters, Lebanon, UK [Postproduction Supervisor]
2011 | Documentary Film: Written by Hand, UK [Director]
2010 | Feature Film: Leaving Bagdad, London, UK [Video Editor]
2010 | Short Film: Work (Overture), UK [Director]
2009 | Short Film: Haphazardly, UK [Producer]
2008 | International Film Festival: Crossing The Line, London, UK [Visual Artist]
2008-09 | Documentary Film: Developing Ethiopia, UK-Ethiopia [Director]
2007-10 | Feature Film: Tangled Up in Blue, London, UK [Producer]
2006 | Short Film: Oggi non ho voglia di studiare, ITA [Director]
2005 | Workshops and Lectures: PFFLabs – Abbas Kiarostami, Babak Payami, Jafar Panahi, Potenza, ITA [Coordinator]
2005 | Videopoetry Collection: John Giorno’s Nine Poems in Basilicata, ITA [Assistant Director]
2005 | Short Film: La Frittatina, ITA [Director]
2005 | Short Film: Amico Cuscino Mortale Ambizione, ITA [Director]
2004-06 | International Film Festival: PIFF, Potenza, ITA [Coordinator]
2004 | Film exhibition: Visual Anthropology, Noeltan Film, Potenza, ITA [Curator]
2004 | MSc Sociology, Federico II University of Naples [Sociology, Visual Anthropology]
2004 | Video Interview: Immanuel Wallerstein, Naples, ITA [Production Assistant]
2003 | Video Interview: The music-hand machine, Derrick De Kercove & Planet Funk, Naples, ITA [Director]
2003 | Audiovisual Research: Cyberanthropology, Department of Anthropology, University Federico II, Naples, ITA [Curator]
2003 | Website: Loro di Napoli, Naples, ITA [Creative Director]
2003 | Catalogue: Imago Lucis, Naples, ITA [Creative Director]
2002 | BA Sociology, UNISA, University of Salerno [Social Sciences]
2002 | Audiovisual Research: Rosellina Leone, Naples, ITA [Director]
2002 | Audiovisual Research: Domenico Formica, Naples, ITA [Director]
2001 | Exhibition: Imaging Flesh, Officina Fotografica, Naples, ITA [Photographer]
1988-98 | Rocco Pizzichillo Photography, Baragiano, ITA [Photographer / Videographer]