The Enneagram of Personality is a precise instrument that helps gain more awareness and understanding through self-observation.

Enneagram is a personality-type system that describes patterns in interpreting the world and managing emotional responses.

Nine personality types

The nine-pointed diagram helps to understand how these types relate to one another.

Vices correspond to lower emotional awareness; they reveal the reactive nature of wounding messages from our childhood.

Virtues emerge in the presence of higher emotional awareness; they represent the most authentic expressions of ourselves.

The inner work of the enneagram means to step out of our vice’s narrative and limiting beliefs so that we can start to live from a place of virtue, our true self.

The Perfectionist
TYPE 1 | Doing
From Anger to Serenity
The Artist
TYPE 4 | Feeling
From Envy to Equanimity
The Adventurer
TYPE 7 | Thinking
From Gluttony to Sobriety
The Helper
TYPE 2 | Feeling
From Pride to Humility
The Observer
TYPE 5 | Thinking
From Avarice to Non-Attachment
The Challenger
TYPE 8 | Doing
From Lust to Innocence
The Performer
TYPE 3 | Feeling
From Self-Deceit to Veracity
The Contrarian
TYPE 6 | Thinking
From Fear to Courage
The Peacemaker
TYPE 9 | Doing
From Sloth to Right Action