Kabbalistic Astrology


Francesco Carvelli


Your soul holds a pulsating divine essence at the core of your human experience, overreaching and interconnecting everything

Among the many tools that help inner and outer growth, Astrology remains one of the most accurate and valuable.

Birth Chart Roadmap
Master the skills that make you exceptional
Partnership Analysis
Reciprocity, trust and mutual understanding
Team Synergy
Cohesion, resilience and results at work
Transits & Progressions
Forecast analysis with ephemeris
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The Lunar Bulletin

As the cycle of the Moon triggers continuos and renovated energies, astrologer and host Francesco Carvelli bring a kabbalistic perspective to the current zodiac transits.

The Lunar Bulletin podcast provides a spiritual framework and guidance to access your soul’s purpose month by month.

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Listening is the wonderful gift we donate to each other.  No matter your knowledge on the subjects of Astrology or Kabbalah, The Lunar Bulletin podcast is a tool to exercise your human compass towards spiritual awakening. When you hear a topic or issue you feel connected to, your soul and body resonate and gain benefits.

Use the influence of a New Moon to set your goals and begin a project. After a Full Moon, reflect upon your actions and plan for better results.

Kabbalistic Astrology

The ancient wisdom of Kabbalah and the secrets contained in the Zohar reveal extraordinary pathways for the development of the human soul. Kabbalistic Astrology unveils the challenges and opportunities at the root of their existence.

A powerful ancient device to navigate your life as a positive leader

The transits of planets inform you of good times for expansion and suggest control over quieter times.

Astrological readings appraise your strengths and flaws, boost your relationships and lead you to join exceptional teams.

Kabbalah, the path towards long-lasting fulfilment

Francesco Carvelli
Francesco Carvelli

I began studying Kabbalah when I had just turned forty. I had no idea this decision would impact every aspect of my life. Today, with joy and humility, I share some precepts of this sacred wisdom with you, willing to embrace this spiritual knowledge. 

The sole scope of Kabbalistic Astrology is to bring light to the real purpose of your life. The secret is simple: accept, listen and love others as much as you love, listen, and accept yourself. This path helps the fragmented pieces of your life come together, providing you with a neverending source of strength and grace.