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Critical insights for your successful strategy

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Build your own consultancy plan
  • Website development
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Photo and video editing
  • Storytelling
The Value of Your Proposition
  • You, Your Service and The People You Serve – 3h
  • Value Proposition Matrix – 3h
  • Values and Culture – 6h
  • The value in policymaking (values, policies, rules, regulations) – 12h
Financial Background for small to medium Charities
  • Business Analysis – 6h
  • Governance: Financial Account – 3h
  • Governance: Annual Return – 3h
  • Governance: Software Benchmarking – 3h
  • Homework – 3h
Internal & External Communication
  • Cultural Perspectives on Text, Image, Sound, Colour – 3h
  • Marketing Plan – 12h
  • Work Plan & Marketing Plan Integration – 9h
  • Quarterly Campaign and Editorial Calendar – 9h
  • Homework – 18h
NLP Practice
  • Frameshifting
  • Goals & Outcomes
  • Anchoring
  • Psychosynthesis Exercises
Key Process
  • Business Model Canvas – 3h
  • Workplan – 12h
  • Targets – 6h
  • Governance (Charity) – 12h
  • Homework – 12h
Target Audience
  • Stakeholders, Beneficiaries and Funders – 3h
  • Personas /3 archetype build – 3h
  • Prototyping – 3h
  • Customer Journey – 3h
  • Homework – 12h
  • Theory of Change – 3h
  • Work Cycle Operations: Mandate, Delegate, Terminate – 3h
  • Human Resources with Partners, Collaborators and Volunteers – 3h
  • Homework – 6h
Artistic Development
  • Arts event, exhibition and festival
  • Marketing for the artist (press, curators, galleries)
  • Independent documentary and videoart filmmaking
  • Storytelling: angles, voice and dramatisation
  • Development, production and post-production techniques
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Main Services

12 weeks package
24 hours
12 weeks plan, for a total of 24 hours (plus work assignment). This package is suitable for building long term campaign, branding, marketing plan, reputational growth, annual and quarterly work plan, addressing target and stakeholders, monitoring tools, governance, procedures, policymaking, and more.
4 weeks package
8 hours
4 weeks plan for a total of 8 hours (plus work assignment). This package is suitable for building short term campaign, promotional video chronicles (script, frames, techniques, edit), website review, digital content, and more.
4 hours
Group session of 3 hours (plus two half-hour breaks) for a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 8 people delivered online via video call.
1-on-1 intensive
3 hours
One-off session of 3 hours to work together on specific topics of your choice.
1 hour
One-off session of 3 hours to work together on specific topics of your choice.
Project Overview (pro bono)
1 hour
Free 1-on-1 facilitation session of 1 hour for small not-for-profit organisations in need of support. We'll work on your skills to boost your creativity and ensure the continuation and expansion of the services for your beneficiaries.